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Age of Glory Fresh to Death White T'Shirt


Each Age of Glory design has a vision of meaning to its founder, Seb.. This Fresh to Death design has him reminiscing of his youth on 4 tiny wheels:

"Did you also spend your youth scraping your knees and elbows while skating? Spend whole days trying to pass this f…g ollie or try to be the first of your posse to pass the 3.6 flip? The look was «almost» as important as the technique. A beautiful time when the 4 small wheels of your skate punctuated your life. This perseverance and state of mind is always a part of you! Sweet nostalgia of all those beautiful years spent on the same asphalt that you now tread in 2 wheels. All you need is this shirt to be fresh to death!"

  • 100 % Cotton
  • 180g T'Shirt