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By City recently launched an update to their popular full face retro style helmet, the Roadster. The first model to land in our store was the full Carbon Fibre edition, simply the Roadster Carbon II.

Last years model proved to be a popular helmet, a full matte carbon full face retro helmet for under £300. So we were keen to see how the new model had been updated.

One thing we were critical of to By City of the previous model was an overt amount of branding on the helmet, with a metal logo badge front and centre of the helmet, we thought detracted from the appeal of its overall design.

So we have been pleased to see that the Roadster II now has minimal branding, with 1 By City logo on the rear on the goggle strap and 1 badge to the left lower cheek only.

The II has become a gloss carbon which has an appealing blue tinge from reflected sunlight, giving it a depth. Simplified gold graphics, give this helmet a JPS racing esque look, and coming in it just 1250g an assured light weight, to provide many comfortable riding miles.

The helmet is lined with a luxury feeling faux suede liner, with faux leather trimming, which is remove able and washable.

The visor is a clean injection moulded one, and without any mould seam lines to distract the field of view. It is easily replaced by unscrewing the two side mount washers and popping it off the mechanism. By City do provide a dark smoked visor too, suitable for day time use here.

The helmet also comes in a protective drawstring helmet bag to keep it looking in top notch condition and prevent damages when not on your nugging.

But perhaps one of the best bits this year is that the Roadster II Carbon is now priced at just £229.95!

Key Features

- ECE Certified

- Double D ring closure

- Full Carbon Fibre

- c1250g

- Closable chin air vents

- Ventilation channels through the EPS shell

- Injected mould visor

- Smoked Visor available (day time use only)

- Gold graphics and washers

- Faux suede and leather lining

- £229.95


Although this helmet has similar styling to the Bell Bullit, it luckily doesn't have the same fit!

It is designed to fit a European shaped head, less round and more oval. I am a 60cm head and the size L fits me perfectly. The rear cranium sits comfortably into the back of the helmet, with the right amount of grip for assurity of the protection, but not so for discomfort.

The ears nicely sit into recesses, and even with my big lugs there are no pressure points on the ear or lobe.

The cheek pads are interchangeable for thinner or thicker sizes should you find the standard fitted ones leave the front of the helmet either too tight or too loose.




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